GoPro Protective Cover 
The Incase Protective Cover has been expertly crafted from top-notch silicone injection to ensure a secure and protective fit for your GoPro action camera when you're on the go. It's a simple solution for adventurous filmmakers alike!​​​​​​​
Peace of Mind 
The Protective Cover adds a layer of security, so the device is shielded from accidental damage and out-of-sight. 
Flexible Structure 
The rubberized construction is made from high-quality injected silicone. The extra material density at each corner provides further impact protection.
Gear that Compliments 
Protective Cover is one of many Incase accessories focused on active content creators while on the go.
As action cameras continue to grow in popularity, the need for protective travel gear is essential. Incase's target demographic aligns well with action sports and content creation. The two create a good opening for the design team to develop several protective solutions focused on utility and device preservation.  
LEGACY // Echoing Incase's SYSTM heritage design for impact protection. 
FITMENT // Slotted and snugged wide opening for quick device fitment.
CORNERS // Strengthen protective zones for raggedy with thicker side walls.
ACCENT // Triangular pattern design for visually separating zones.
FLEX // Perpendicular groves provide flexibility for inserting and removing the device.  
Conceptual Direction​​​​​​​
The direction points towards an Incase legacy design that correlates with the rugged protective story found within the SYSTM product line.
Concept Refinement
Several 3D model variations assisted in choosing features and final exterior surfacing.
Specs and features identified for rapid sample-making and testing.
Made from injection molded silicone resin. The final two colors for production were Tactical black for best concealment and Tensaerlite neon yellow for high visibility.

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